Sunday, December 12, 2004

Video of Me Skiing Last Weekend

On Ripsaw in the Rose Bowl in Beaver Creek. We spent most of the trip in Rose Bowl because neither Grouse nor Larkspur were yet open.

Me Skiing Dec 2-6 Beaver Creek

Roomate Blogs

Two of my roomates just started blogs as well...we are going to make a team trial out of this. Really a ton of fun right now -- mostly because we are checking eachother's work as we go. This is a social beast.

Manoah's Blog
Brians's Blog

I am not thirlled with the really horrible picture manoah has already posted of me. I don't like loosing informational control over my life

P.S. I feel that my blog seems like it is drifting away from its stated goal of commenting on blogging/the usefullness of blogging. It is not, I need to play a lot more before I will have anything worthwhile to say.

FW: Now Testing from E-mail

Resending the below e-mail originally sent via rather than – not sure if it will make to my blog (it has not shown up yet, but also has not yet bounced).  I think the blogspot/blogger distinction is confusing.  Why not one other the other?



I am trying to send a message from e-mail now.  e-mail is a fantastic way to post.  (if it works).


Thoughts on blogging for the second:

  1. asynchronous communication vs. aim…
  2. I am currently writing for an abyss.  Strange format – personal journal /probably never seen by anyone else, yet open to everyone else should they want to look
    1. Are most blogs anonymous?  Do people use it to be someone else/say things they don’t want associated with their names?  What is the connection between the name/identity and the words?  Especially when it is unclear who/if anyone is looking/anyone I know.



Picture from World Cup Downhill last weekend in Beaver Creek, CO. great trip with Brian M, Nick J, Matt S, Mark Z, and Dustin M

Other links to Websites about me...more testing

Someone Referenced A Patent I Filed!
Harvard SAE
An Article In Which I Made A Comment
Freshman Crew
HS Track

I am actually surprised at how inaccurate google is at finding things about specific people. You can dig up some scary stuff, but it also missses a lot. I had to search for my name three different ways to find these links, and I know of some far more obvious pages on which I am referenced which google failed to find.

Testing a Link

Facebook me!

Trying to insert a ling to my facebook profile

trying to send another message to my blog via. hello. I think this service is far too complex -- i like the friend function, good potential/but needs to be linked into existing social network -- thefacebook makes a lot of sense.

Testing the picture function from hello/picasa - a picture of me in cuba - confusing to use. wirehog far more straightforward

First Blog. Statement of Purpose

Went to a conference this weekend at Harvard Law School sponsored by the Berkman center on Internet/society/government. Decided to "get with the program" and start a blog for experimental purposes. How do they work? Is blogging hype? Is the medium valuable/not? If valuable how to improve? why do poeple post/why dont they? what does it mean?

More later, but to state purpose for this blog.

An experiment exploring the medium...I will attempt to emulate other bloggers/experiment/think about "blogging"